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Web Design

We created a fully customized web-based program. The client and end-users have full access to creating customized reports, upload photos, fill out information for each room and publish to PDF and email. The end-user has multiple payment options. 

We created a custom wordpress design with a shopping cart integrated with over 30 products and growing. Each product page has multiple options and SEO implementation.

The Super Bowl Committee called upon us in 2008 to be their complete web support team. We were thrilled to work with them since we had such a great time for 2007 SB. We were able to become their web team in 2007 when their web design company were unable to fulfill their needs. For the 2010 Super Bowl they needed to have more flexibility with their website. They needed to be able to go in and make changes quickly and efficiently by any of their team members. We put together a design that was fresh and user friendly. Making it easy to navigate for the 1,000s of people coming to the site on a daily basis. The site was also to be search engine friendly allowing the team to add meta data, add a photo gallery that allowed grouping of folders with individual photos, a weather ticker for Broward, Palm Beach and Miami cities and a listing of events.

Their needs had grown since initial inception by adding a directory of all small businesses of participating vendors as well as giving them the ability to export that list for mailings. We also developed many sign up email forms. No matter what their needs were, we were ready to develop.

We had the pleasure to work with each group team as well as partners and sponsors of the South Florida Super Bowl. It was great seeing them doing so many new and exciting things.

We created a customized website management tool that allowed for custom created pages with the freedom to create page names and other meta data for search-engine friendliness. A custom design that was simple but elegant giving the feeling of the spa offline. Client has full capabilities to edit all content as needed without the need to call us giving them freedom of their website.